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China professional beans peeler machine manufacturer

  We are a professional beans peeler machine manufacturer in China. We began to engage in the grain processing industry, producing such as FLour Milling Machine, Mini Dal Mill (beans peeling machine)and Maize Milling Machine as early as the early 1980s. Now, we have a strong R&D team, production team and sales team. Our core technician, starting from the maintenance of traditional equipment, after 30 years, slowly explore the characteristics of grain processing, according to the industry development situation and market needs, upgrade the grain processing equipment made in China. At present, our company has become a leading force in the grain processing industry.

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About R&D peeler machine team

-Our company has established a research and development department. Specializing in the design and manufacture of peeling machines.
-The core personnel of the technical and management team have decades of industry experience. And has a wealth of theoretical and practical experience.
-Currently, there are more than 20 personnel engaged in basic research, design and application, process manufacturing and testing.

-The R&D team actively innovates. At present, we already have 25 national invention patents, and we have 15 more to apply for.
-We can design and manufacture a complete set of maize milling plant with a daily output of over 500 tons. This is impossible in other factories.
-Our flour milling and beans peeling machine have also reached the international advanced level, and has solved many processing problems that foreign customers cannot solve.

About peeler production team

There are more than 90 people in our production department.
👉According to customer needs, our production department workers will start producing machines.
♥All equipment is standardized production. And comply with ISO9001 quality management system
♥Complete packaging and delivery within the specified time. (We guarantee punctual delivery.)
♥If your order is for a production line, we can make a turnkey project.
♥We can dispatch workers to help you with installation and guidance. Or online video guides you installation and commissioning.
♥We have professional product use, installation and operation guides and machine maintenance.

Production workshop
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Our packaging is very strong to ensure that the product can reach its destination safely.

About the sales machine team

  Our sales team has more than 20 people in Shandong Province, China. However, many customers feel too cold and too far away when visiting our factory, so we set up branch offices in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

  We are an active team. Attach importance to the unity and friendship between colleagues and help each other for a win-win situation. On some important festivals, such as National Day and Christmas, we will organize team building activities. This will enhance our team’s cohesion and sense of cooperation.

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Contact with beans peeler machine manufacturer

As a grain processing equipment company, our beans peeler machine is the best in the industry. Shining factory welcomes you at any time and provides on-site or remote on-site testing services at any time.
If you are interested in our machines, please fill in your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Once cooperation, lifelong friends ❗❗❗

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