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COVID Locust plague Great famine and dal mill

Since the end of 2019, locust plagues have occurred in Africa, India and Pakistan. 2020 global COVID. United Nations show that nearly 690 million people are currently hungry. As a result, global food production, logistics and consumption have been severely affected. The United Nations pointed out that there may have been a major famine that is rare in human history. Our dal mill has very little grain loss during processing and high output, so this problem can be alleviated. Hope everything will be fine!

COVID-19 dal mill machine

BBC reports the number of people infected with COVID

The COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. There have been confirmed cases in 188 countries around the world, and the total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 6 million, resulting in nearly 400,000 deaths. 


Reduce customs export,dal machine can reduce processing waste

In order to prevent the spread of this epidemic, many countries have adopted measures to prohibit import and export. For example, Vietnam has suspended rice exports. Kazakhstan has stopped exporting agricultural products such as wheat, carrots, sugar and potatoes. Serbia stopped exporting sunflower oil and other goods.

Locust plagues in some countries

Recently, the FAO warned that the desert locust plague that originated in East African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia is spreading, or poses an unprecedented threat to Africa’s food security.

Locust plague Great famine mini dal mill machine

Locust plague Great famine can use dal mill

Locust has the characteristics of outbreak, migration and destructiveness. The locust plague is a major biological disaster in the world, endangering the production safety of agriculture and animal husbandry. Desert locusts are considered to be the most destructive migratory pests in the world. It devours large amounts of crops consumed by humans and livestock.

Our dal mill machine

At present, COVID continues to affect us, and even some natural disasters have swept the world. This has exacerbated food shortages. Although we cannot solve this problem, our Dal mill machine is finished product rate 5% higher than similar products, and the service life is 5 years longer than similar products. This can help you reduce stress during grain processing.

mini dal mill machine

mini dal mill

1. Dry way peeling, no need to add water for the whole process
2. Low electricity consumption, energy saving and save production cost
3. Easy operation, convenience and safe, all the workers can use it well

dal mill machine

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