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Projects for maize milling machine and lentil process line

  We are specialized in manufacturing large-scale equipment like maize milling machine and lentil process line​. There are many Shining projects here. Such as China’s aid to Ghana’s grain processing equipment, 4TPH Lentil Processing Line, and corn milling plant etc. Our shining was formally established in 2001, dedicated to corn and grain processing equipment. We take technological innovation as the foundation, market-oriented, and provide different scientific solutions. After more than ten years of rapid development, we have achieved impressive results. Now the new factory covers an area of 164 acres with a building area of 50,000 square meters.

maize milling machine

Aid to Ghana's maize milling machine

  In 2017, we are honored to be able to provide assistance to Ghana with grain processing equipment on behalf of China. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong and Ghana’s Minister Marvis Hawa Kumsen signed the handover certificate. On July 21, China officially provided assistance to Ghana’s grain processing machinery.

Pack the machines after inspection

Officially handed over grain processing machines

Our 4TPH Lentil Processing Line

  This is the 4TPH Lentil Processing Line and it will run automatically. We have excellent production, have the most advanced lentil washing machine, peeling machine, and adopt mature and scientific processing procedures. The entire production line is well installed and can produce peeled lentils for the high-end market.

Lentil Processing Line​
Lentil Processing Line​

The whole process includes:
Cleaning-peeling-color sorting-grading-polishing-packing

Once we exported 4TPH Lentil Processing Line to a customer in Ethiopia-
The quality of finished lentils is the best in Ethiopia.

Our maize milling plant

  Our factory has a 100T maize milling plant, which is one of the best corn grinders. We not only produce equipment, but also have rich operating experience. If you want to do a business, we can share our experience with you. Help you analyze the local market, Seek in-depth cooperation to achieve mutual assistance and win-win.

maize milling machine

-Fully automatic equipment, no special requirements for the workshop
-Peeling machine, flour mill machine or packaging machine can work independently, or work together with other machines to produce the line.
-The labor required is low, and two workers are enough to operate the entire production line.

Contact us about machine or line

As a grain processing equipment company, our maize milling machine and lentil process line are the best in the industry. Shining factory welcomes you at any time and provides on-site or remote on-site testing services at any time.
If you are interested in our machines, please fill in your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Once cooperation, lifelong friends ❗❗❗

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