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Small Business For Corn Mill Near Me

Do you like a small business for corn mill near me? Uses rice and corn grits as raw materials, and can add various seasonings, and uses self-heating to puff the raw grain into more than 90 times the puffed snacks. You can use our machine to make puffed snacks in the shape of hollow sticks and peanuts. It is suitable for people of all ages. Puffed snack food is delicious, tasty, fine and scrip, popular in East South Asia, India, Middle East, Africa etc.

Small Business For Corn Mill Near Me

Corn mill small business at the Canton Fair

When we bring this machine to the Canton Fair, many customers came to our booth. They tasted puff corn snacks on the spot. They think this healthy and delicious snack is what they want, and it can help them open up the local market and start a small business. At the Canton Fair, we sold 28 puffing equipment. And received business cards from more than 300 customers.

  • Puffed rice or corn grains are occasionally found as street food in China, Korea, and Japan.
  • Certain Indian recipes with puffed ereals are puffed rice upma,puffed wheat porridge.
  • Can produce hollow stick-shaped, peanut-shaped puffed snacks, suitable for all ages.
  • Puffed snack foods are delicious, delicious, and delicate, and are popular in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.
Small Business For Corn Mill Near Me

Our Customers with Corn Mill Small business

"I met them in Canton Fair and visited their factory. We tested the machines in showroom. The machines work well and I like them. Now I am their distributor in Nigeria."
Nigria sale agent
Yusuf Musa
CEO, YKM Products

Every year we receive a large orders from our Nigerian distributors, usually 30-50 sets of equipment are ordered at a time.

Initially, Nigerian customers were our Snack Food Puffing Machine users, and now he has established a distribution partnership with us.

Corn mill small business Machines

Do you like this small business? We not only sell equipment to you, but also help you open up the local market. Hope you can also become one of our agents.

Small Business For Corn Mill Near Me
  • Using this equipment to produce corn grits will also produce very high-quality and superfine corn flour.
  • You can definitely sell these flour at a very high price. Provide the best corn for human food.
  • Or Output corn grits or flour can access to supermarkets directly. 
  • Corn puff machine uses self-heating to puff the raw material(rice or corn grits) into more than 90 times the puffed snacks.
  • Can produce hollow J-shaped, U-shaped puffed snacks. The finished product is very attractive for modern people to pursue the characteristics of healthy snacks.
Small Business For Corn Mill Near Me

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