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Mini Dal Mill Machinery Price

Lower Investment < USD2000 

Good Dal Business Partner

Good Machine Quality 

Lower Power Needed: 7.5kw 

Dry way peeling: High Efficiency


mini dal mill machine

The Mini Dal Mill Machinery Price is between USD 1000 and USD 2000. According to your different raw grain and processing requirements, we can customize different functions, so the price is not determined. But the high-cost performance of our products is certain. Because the product is of good quality and powerful function, it is more forgiving of processing, the output ratio is 5% higher, and the processed dal is of good quality and tastes good (dry peeling). Best-selling in Southeast Asia, Africa and North and South America.

Mini Dal mill working video

  1. This is a video of our Mini Dal Mill Machinery LC1101 peeling Chickpeas to make Chana Dal. It can mill many beans to make dal too, such as peas, soybean, mung bean, black gram, pigeon peas and so on.
  2. The output rate is 5% higher than traditional machines as we use advanced dry way peeling technology. 

Mini mill machinery advantages

mini dal machinery price
  1. Small size, small footprint, low energy consumption, low price and low investment;
  2. The real production capacity is large, the output ratio is high, and the dal produced has a good taste;
  3. Multi-grain or legume processing, one machine can make many kinds of dal, such as masoor, moong, urad, chanal dal and so on.
  4. Dry peeling has high real efficiency, does not require other additional procedures, and does not pollute the environment.

Finished output products

Black pepper peeling machine finished product
Black pepper peeling machine finished product
  • Multi-grain processing: various grains and legumes, such as corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, soybeans, peas, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, lentils, mung beans, black beans, etc.
  • High yield: one-time peeling and netting rate is higher than 98%, the broken rate is lower than 5%, and the finished product rate is 5% higher than other products.
  • Dry peeling: Surface treatment with water or oil is not necessary. Raw grains with less than 10% moisture content can be directly processed to maintain the original taste.

Want to know Mini Dal Mill Machinery Price?

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Our Mini Dal Mill Machinery Price is competitive and worthy of the machine value. Not only because of its small size, low consumption, large production capacity, and more raw grain processing, but also because of its high yield, it maintains the best taste of raw grains. This is a good helper to make money, and it is worth your expectation.

Contact us now to buy it for less than 2000 US dollars, it is really super cost-effective. There are now also free accessory giveaways and other discounts.

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