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maize milling plant outputs

Maize Milling Plant 6FW-15TS is a 15ton per day Maize Processing Line from Cleaning,  Peeling,  Germ Extracting, Grading, Grits Making to Packing. It makes every part of maize valuable. And with the products it produced, you can start a Snack or Oil Processing business too. Even the remoed bran flour can be used as Animal Feed. Are you looking for a good machine to start maize mill factory? This is a competitive investment with our machine for sure.

Milling Plant Main Parameters

Model6FW-15TSNet weightAbout 3500 KG
Raw materialCorn/MaizeDimension18000*4000*4300mm
Production capacity15ton/dayWarranty1 year
Motor power81.4kwOutputCorn Bran flour, Grits, Corn Germ and Corn Flour

Products of Maize Milling

maize germ
fine maize flour

(1) Fine Maize Flour
The nutritious maize flour can be used to make Ugali, Nshima, Sadza, Posho, Fufu and so on. It is a healthy food that replaces wheat flour.

(2) Different Size of Maize Grits
The grits can be used to make very delicious soups or make maize puffed snacks. In addition, people also use it to make high-end poultry feed.

(3) Maize Germ
Our plant peels maize, extract maize germ out, which can process to maize oil. Another healthy oil in market.

(4) Maize Bran Flour
The bran flour is valuable animal feed. Nothing in the maize is wasted.

Maize Milling Process

  • A: Cleaning — remove the impurities from maize seeds. The leaves, dust, broken seeds, steel pieced and so on.
  • B: Peeling — remove the maize skin and root softly to get the most output rate .
  • C: Germ Extracting — firstly degerming machine broken the seeds and grading machine separate the germ out.
  • D: Grits Making — grinding machine grind the rest parts into grits and sifting system separate them into different sizes and the flour.
maize milling process

Working Video For Reference

One customer from South Africa come to our factory and see the machine working in our Facotry in 2016. From this video you can see the whole processing, the machine quality, plant installation and final products quality.  If you like it, welcome to visit our fatctory.

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Maize Milling Plant has a special germ extracting function compare to other models we have. And not like our 6FW-100TS, the larger process plant, our 6FW-15TS is a small line but can extract the germ out too.  This means you can expand the value of every part of maize. Even with small investment, you can get all the maize process products. 

And with the output products, you can sell to snack or maize oil factories or run the same business by yourself. The much higher profit business.

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