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grain milling machine

Low energy consumption
High efficiency
5% higher the yield
Simple operation
5 years longer service life
Good quality of finished products


grain milling machine

Grain milling machine can grind many grains and beans. Compared with ordinary equipment, the yield rate is increased by 5%, and the service life is extended by 5 years. Excellent quality to ensure stable operation during use. The finished product is very beautiful. Our packaging can ensure that the equipment reaches its destination safely. From pre-sales to after-sales service, our customers are very satisfied. At the Canton Fair, customers ordered on-site.

Milling machine of main features

  • One-person operation can greatly reduce labor costs.
  • The equipment has good quality, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  • It can grind a lot of grains and beans.
  • The equipment saves space and the volume does not exceed 3 square meters.

Grain mill parameters

Model6FW-50BNet weightAbout 900kg
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung and so onDimension2600*1400*3400mm
Production capacityAbout 12 ton per dayFlour mesh40~160
Motor power18.5kw-4p.Warranty1 year

Video of grain machine

  • The equipment is of high quality and can guarantee stable operation during use.
  • It can produce about 12 tons per day.
  • The loss of corn or grain during processing is very low.

Finished product of grain flour mill

The equipment can produce high-quality corn flour with more than 100 mesh.
You can grind corn, wheat, rice, grains, beans, and even use industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical pellets.
You can sell the finished products directly to markets and supermarkets.

Packaging for grain mill machine

grain milling machine Plastic Packaging
  • Plastic film can protect our flour mill from moisture and wear.
  • The iron frame packaging can be used for shockproof and anti-extrusion of the equipment.
  • The outer packaging adopts standard export wooden box packaging to prevent moisture and rust.
  • There is a pallet at the bottom for easy transportation.
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Canton Fair hot sale milling machine

Canton Fair grain milling machine

At the Canton Fair, our equipment is very popular. After customers saw the grain processing process of our equipment, many customers placed orders on the spot. And there are many customers who want to establish distributor partnership with us.

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  • Grain milling machine has large capacity, high production efficiency, beautiful finished products, ultra-low maintenance costs and stable operation. One person can operate it, which can reduce labor costs.
  • If we can do anything for you, please contact us! We will reply to you quickly.
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