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Packaging for flour mill machine

The packaging of our flour mill machine is very strong and suitable for all modes of transportation. Our packaging is multi-layered, including plastic film, steel brackets and wooden boxes to ensure that the products reach the destination safely. There is also a pallet under the package to facilitate loading and unloading and reduce labor costs.

Plastic film packaging for flour mill​

Plastic film packaging

Plastic film can protect our flour mill from moisture and wear.

Iron bracket packaging for flour mill ​

Iron bracket packaging

During transportation, the inner packaging is a shock-proof iron bracket used to fix the product.
The iron frame packaging can be used for shockproof and anti-extrusion of the equipment.

Wooden packing for flour mill machine

Wooden packing for flour machine

1. The wooden box has strong corrosion resistance, will not rust, and will not pollute the product.
2. Excellent barrier properties, prevent oxygen from entering, reduce oxidation rate, and ensure product quality.
3. The wooden box is economical, easy to carry and reusable.

Pallet for flour mill machine

Pallet for flour mill machine

There is a pallet at the bottom for easy transportation.

1. Easy to load and unload cargo.
2. Effective isolation from the ground can prevent moisture and pollution.

Lead Time
Time1530To be negotiated
Delivery for flour mill

Terms of payment::TT/LC
Terms of delivery:EXW / FOB / CFR
Door-Door:Shorten delivery time and reduce delivery costs
Local agent:Face to face communication to solve problems

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Our professional packaging for flour mill machine ensures that flour mill machines can reach customers safely.

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