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flour mill automatic machine

Composed of a strong force smashing machine and 50type roller √

Professional multi purpose flour milling machine with unique design √

Fully automatic √


flour mill automatic machine

Flour Mill Automatic Machine 6FW-50B

Flour mill automatic machine 6FW-50B Composed of a strong force crushing machine and 50type roller. Main grinder transmission adopts chain type, which reduces working noise and saves spare teeth gear. This helps improve work efficiency and lowers grinding cost. Add control box and display panels in order to observe the capacity and micro feeder volume.  Please know more at below:

Flour Mill Automatic Machine Main Details

Main structure: Includes machine frame, Main grinder, silo, round sifter and wind pipe system. 

flour mill automatic machine
flour mill automatic machine
flour mill automatic machine

Main features

  • (1) Composed of a 50 type grinding head and strong crushing machine.
  • (2) Chain drive transmission, our unique design to save energy and low maintenance cost.
  • (3) Spacing saving, occupying area no more than 3㎡.
  • (4) Fully automatic, reducing labor costs, only one worker is required to operate.
flour mill automatic machine
flour mill automatic machine
flour mill automatic machine

Flour Mill Automatic Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-50BNet weightAbout 900kg
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung and so onDimension2600*1400*3400mm
Production capacityAbout 12 ton per dayFlour mesh40~160
Motor power18.5kw-4p.Warranty1 year

Final Products of Flour Mill Automatic Machine

flour mill automatic machine

Excellent Efficiency

  •  Highest level automation. The roller mill automatically grinds the raw materials several times. And separate each time precisely. This reduces the ash content of the final output, thereby improving the flour quality.


  • Mill corn, wheat, rice, cereal, beans, even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles. Milling different mesh of corn and cereal flour from 40-160mesh.
commercial flour mill machine

Working Video ForFlour Mill Automatic Machine

  • This video is about processing corn. We are showing our equipment for customers who visit our factory.
  • We provide on-site or remote real-time testing services at any time.

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Our Certificate Patent

We already have 25 national invention patents, and 15 more are pending. We can design and manufacture a complete set of corn flour mills with a daily output of more than 500 tons. This is impossible for other factories.

Certificate patent
  •  Industry-leading R&D capabilities;
  • Excellent unique design and performance;
  • Comply with ISO 9001 and CE standards;
  • Constantly focus on research and innovation.

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Flour mill automatic machine 6FW-50B After upgrading ①Increase the screening area.②Shortened working time.③Increased output and work efficiency.
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