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dal processing machine

Peel beans with low beans breakage rate √

Peel beans in dry way, no need any water √

High output percentage rate √

Multiple functions to peel dal √


Dal Processing Machine 6FW-PB9

dal processing machine

Dal processing machine 6FW-PB9 peel beans in dry way. Only need to peel once, the bean breakage rate is low. Output percentage rate is high. Adopt our unique patented peeling technology. Easy to operate. The workshop has no special requirements, the equipment has a compact structure. Light weight and less space needed. This machine is very popular in dal processing plants. And received many compliments from Indian customers. Please know more at below:

Dal Processing Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-PB9Net weight620kg
Raw materialSoybeans, yellow peas, garden peas, etc.Dimension1560*1350*3550mm
Production capacity1500kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power9.75kwPeeling performance rate98%

Finished product of Dal Processing Machine

dal processing machine
dal machine price

Great Performance

  • It adopts our unique patent peeling machine, bran and bean kernel are separated completely. It has excellent working performance,
  • Peel one time, no need to repeat, the bean breakage rate is low. Split beans into half size in good color and nice fresh smell.

High Quality

  • Multiple functions to peel yellow peas, soya bean, garden peas, lentil, etc.
  • The finished product is very beautiful, and the excellent peeling technology can help you reduce the loss of raw grains. It is an ideal equipment for beans processing plants.

Dal Processing Machine Main Detail

Main Structure

  • The machine is composed of a peeling system, a circular system, a wind net dust removal system, a stepless crushing handle, a hopper, a feed plate, a frame, etc.
dal processing machine

Basis introduction

  • This machine is specially designed and developed for high grade market of cereal grains according to domestic and oversea market.
  • Main machine parts are quenched, anti fatigue treatment, strong and reliable. It can keep working long time (for one month it can keep working nonstop).

  • Adopt a negative pressure fan, which can play a role in dust removal, It is so far the best beans peeling machine in China.
  • High output with lowest power consumption, less space needed, highest level of automation, best output quality. It is applicable to food processing factories, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Working Video For beans Peeling Machine

  • This video is processing soybeans. If you want to know more raw grain processing videos, please contact us to send you.
  • Our patent technology, unique design.

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Shining's Customer

In this industry, our dal mill machines are selling well all over the world. Like Bulgarian customers place orders again to meet the huge demand in the local market.

Shining Company's Customers first time order
Shining Company's Customers second time placed order

 The supply capacity of our factory is 2000 Sets per Month. Over the years, due to the emphasis on product quality and strengthening corporate management, it has won praise from customers.

Contact Us

Dal processing machine 6FW-PB9 can work for a long time, high productivity 1500KG/H. Bring you good economic benefits.
We can design as your demand (production capacity, and quality…). If you are interesting in our products, pls tell me your contact information in our e-mail.

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