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beans polishing machine

Remove dust and surface soil √.

 Improve the level of commodity particles √.

Convenient use, reasonable design √.

Easy to move, strong stability √.


Beans Polishing Machine 6FW-P2000

Beans Polishing Machine provides a polishing process that can remove dust and surface soil, make beans have a bright and smooth surface, improve the level of commodity particles. been seed polisher Polishing machine is mainly composed of machine body, mesh, canvas with driving belt, core shaft and drive mechanism. Convenient use, reasonable design, easy to move, strong stability, easy operation, by the majority of users like. Please know more at below:

beans polishing machine

Beans Polishing Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialAll the grains and beans.
Production capacity2000KG/H
Motor power9.7kw
Net weightAbout 450kg
DimensionDimension 3100*700*1765mm

Beans Polishing Machine Main Detail​

Main Features

  • Suitable for all kinds of beans, such as red bean, green mung bean, soybean etc.
  •  Able to provide polishing process and remove the dust and surface soil of various beans, thus produce shiny, pearly, smooth and dust free beans ,leading to increase commercial sale price.

  • Convenient use, reasonable design, easy to move, strong stability, easy operation, by the majority of users like.

  • Reduce harmful substances in beans, ensure pure nature, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.
  • This model has the characteristics of less space needed, environmental protection, easy to operate and movable. It can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Finished product of Beans Polishing Machine

beans polishing machine
beans polishing machine
  • In the process of conveying, the beans can be scrub by the fixed axis cotton cloth, it is ideal for beans to achieve good effect of polishing. 
  • It is suitable for various beans and grains, provide a polishing process that can remove the dust and surface soil of beans, so that beans will have a shiny and smooth surface and improve the level of commodity grain lead to high price.

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Beans polishing machine makes the surface of beans clean and bright, increasing its economic value. 
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