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Dal mill plant for lentil peeling

Dal mill plant

In March 2015, An Ethiopian customer ordered a dal plant for lentil peeling from us. In October of the same year, installation, commissioning and teaching customer operations were all completed. In recent customer feedback,his business has been very successful. Dal mill plant of the 100T lentil peeling production line is fully automatic production, including automatic cleaning, peeling, color sorting, grading, polishing and packaging.



Final product

Dal plant

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Video of lentil peeling plant

  1. A video of an Ethiopian customer peeling lentils.
  2. He reflected that the finished product of the lentil peeling production line can very well meet the local market demand.

Order dal mill plant

Dal mill plant for lentil peeling
Dal mill plant for lentil peeling
Dal mill plant for lentil peeling
Dal mill plant for lentil peeling

  • According to the actual situation and the different needs of users, we design and provide the most professional, scientific and perfect solutions for customers.
  • First, the equipment will be tested before shipment to ensure its stable operation.
  • Secondly, our engineers go to the customer’s location to install, debug and teach the customer how to use the equipment.
  • Finally, we ensure that customers have no worries after sales.

Dal plant for lentil finished product

finished product for dal mill plant

  • In the feedback to the customer survey in March 2021, the quality of his finished products is the best in the region.
  • Final product can be sold directly to markets and supermarkets.
  • Most importantly, the competitiveness is several times that of the same industry.

Dal mill plant details

Dal mill plant for lentil peeling
Dal mill plant for lentil peeling
Dal mill plant for lentil peeling

  • This plant automatically performs production from the cleaning of the grain to the packaging process.
  • The yield rate is 5% higher than that of similar equipment, and the service life is 5 years longer.
  • Simple operation, low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

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  1. Our company has been engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
  2. We have developed more than 50 products covering the entire corn and grain industry.
  3. Our equipment allows you to obtain the highest quality finished products.
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Contact us for dal mill machine

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  1. Dal mill plant is designed and developed according to customer needs to meet customer market needs. Stable operation, low energy consumption, little loss of raw grain, simple operation, beautiful finished products, etc.
  2. If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to send us an inquiry.
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