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China's Professional 100TPD Maize Milling Plant Manufacturer

We are the first manufacturer in China to independently develop and design “maize milling plant”. We undertake 15TPD to 10OOTPD large steel-structure-type complete corn milling line. Com grits and com flour quality must be guaranteed, and the line should be able to lower loss or wastage, raise extraction rate, and create economic value from by product, such as bran and germ. This production line is fully functional, compact structure, high degree of automation, less space needed, small power, and high work efficiency. The finished product produced is absolutely first-class in the market.

maize milling plant

Video of Maize Milling Plant

Most advanced and patent core corn peeling technology in China, providing technical support for complete production line with perfect processing effects. Design, production, building, installation, commissioning and training, each process has a great deal to customer’ s benefit

Maize Milling Plant Main Features

maize milling plant
  • From raw grain upgrading, primary selection, magnetic separation, mold removal, impurity removal, stone removal, iron removal, feeding, peeling, black navel removal, germ extraction, polishing and black navel removal, crushing, finished product grading, selection, packaging, etc. The process is completed at one time.
  • Scientific process design can effectively increase the rate of final output. The final output corn flour and corn grits is bright in color, with no bran, no germ, no black hilum, etc.
  • Minimizing energy consumption, energy saving, also reducing the production cost as much as possible for customers to improve economic benefit.
maize milling plant
maize milling plant
maize milling plant
  • Mainly used to produce high-quality corn grits. It will be accompanied by superfine flour. Corn germ can be refined into corn oil. Bran can be used as animal feed.

Introduction of Plant

  • Production capacity of 6FW-100TS is 100 ton per day.
  • The plant is fully automatic and allows for continuous working, no special requirements for the workshop.
  • The equipments are in two layers design with whole steel structure, compact and beautiful.
  • Allows the plant to accommodate upgrading in the future. Preset some function when designing, individual machine choosing, and overall setting to enhance final performance and enlarge production capacity in the future if needed.
  • Peeling machine or packing Machine can either work independently or work together or other machines to make a line.
  • Low power, low noise, high efficiency, flexible operation, easy maintenance.
  • Less labor required, 2 workers are enough to operate the whole line.

Professional Manufacturer of Maize Milling Plant

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Therefore, our equipment has reached the international advanced level and solved many processing problems that foreign customers cannot solve.
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements. We have rich experience and talented engineering team. We can provide the most practical and scientific solutions for customers all over the world.
  • As to the after sale services, we will send technician to install it, test it and teach workers for you. We already have many cusomters before. And we sent technician to install for them too. So we are very experienced in this area.(Provide Turnkey Projects Services

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maize milling plant is a good choice for investment. Bring you huge economic benefits. Shining factory welcomes you at any time and provides on-site or remote on-site testing services at any time.
We can design as your demand (production capacity, and quality…). If you are interesting in our products, pls tell me your contact information in our e-mail.

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