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Peace 2024

PEACE 2024 As we step into 2024, the world stands at a crossroads, bruised but hopeful. The global events of 2023 have been challenging, with conflicts and tensions simmering across the globe. Yet, from these ashes of discord, a yearning for peace has emerged stronger than ever. The international community has reached a tipping point. […]

Disk Mill Machine Order Blowout

Disk Mill Machine Order Blowout So far this year, our Disk Mill Machine orders have increased significantly. More and more customers like this product. Because we have upgraded product design, improved output and quality, and can produce finer powder. Based on the high cost performance of our equipment, more customers choose high-capacity models. Such as […]

Many countries racing with food shortages

Many countries racing with food shortages According to reports, many countries around the world are “racing” against the growing food shortage. Unusual weather conditions, geopolitical tensions and reduced yields due to climate-related factors are increasingly interacting with each other, causing rising food prices and an increasing likelihood of famine. The use of advanced technology and […]

Outlooks from the Canton Fair

Outlooks from the Canton Fair Recently, the 133rd Canton Fair was held from April 19th to May 5th, a powerful sign of the recovery of international trade. Many customers from all over the world visited the exhibition to learn about the latest products of Chinese manufacturers, seek more opportunities for cooperation, and agreed that the […]

Flour Mill Types

Flour Mill Types The flour mill types we make are roller mill, disc mill and stone mill. These are three different milling techniques that produce different flour qualities and are generally used in different processing and eating scenarios. Please refer to the below introduction to choose the most suitable flour mill machines for you. How […]

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