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Shining Company's Customers

The quality of our machines has been recognized by Shining Company’s Customers. According to customers feedback, the quality of the final product is the best locally. More importantly, our can meet customer needs, and we have a complete service system.

Shining Company's Customers first time order

Shining Company's Bulgarian Customer

  • The Bulgarian customer ordered one device for the first time and two for the second time.
  • Finished product is the best locally.
  • It can meet the huge demand of the local market.
Shining Company's Customers second time placed order
Corn mill for sale

Shining Company's Nigerian customers

  • Initially, Nigerian customers were our puffed corn snacks machine users, and now he has established a distribution partnership with us.
  • He used our 6FW-C2 machine to produce finished products, and then we conducted local research together. He expanded the puffed snack business with our B007 machine, which was very successful. 
Shining Company's Customers

Shining Company's American Customers

Shining Company's Customers
American customers use our 6FW-S18 peeling machine
American customers use our 6FW-PB8 peeling machine
  • This American customer visited many manufacturers, but in the end only our equipment met his needs: peeling chickpeas. 
  • Our 6FW-S18 peeling machine is peeling without splitting. It can peel and split soybeans, peas, broad beans, etc.
  • Our 6FW-PB8 peeling machine peels and splits. such as soybeans, peas, broad beans, etc.
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Shining Company

Shining factory
Shining company's showroom
Shining's certificate patent many for Corn puff making machine
  • Our company was founded in 1982, registered in 2001, engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
  • At present, it has obtained 55 national patents for technological inventions and mastered core technologies in the fields of corn, soybean skinning and grinding.
  • According to the user’s actual situation, different needs, designed for customers, providing the most professional, most scientific, the most perfect solution.
  • One machine for multiple uses.
  • Our machine complies with ISO and CE quality system.
  • Corn, beans and other grain processing machinery can be customized according to customer requirements.

Contact to Shining Company

Shining Company’s Customers have been very supportive of our corn processing equipment. They have provided feedback on the best local finished products that can meet local needs. If you are interested, please contact us any time.

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