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Rice Planting in April

rice planting

Rice Planting in April:

April is a critical month, with planting usually taking place in early and mid-April in many mid-rice growing regions. What do we need to pay attention to to improve rice production?

  • Suitable temperature
  • Eliminate poison
  • Tidy up the land
  • Seed treatment

1, Suitable temperature

In April, the temperature in some areas was still low, and the temperature is a key factor affecting rice cultivation. Under normal circumstances, the seedlings start to grow after the average temperature is 13°C, and they can take root and grow rapidly when the temperature is higher than 15°C. Generally, within ten days after sowing rice, the temperature should be kept at about 15 ℃ to achieve the best effect.

2, Eliminate poison

If the long-term rainy weather in April will seriously affect the rapid recovery of rice seedlings, the soil water content will be too high, the root vitality will be seriously reduced, and the growth rate of rice will decline. In some cases, prolonged rainy days can lead to poisoning of rice seedlings, so care should be taken to protect them.

3, Tidy up the land

When planting rice in April, it is generally necessary to prepare the soil in advance. One is to plough the soil in the paddy field to make it more conducive to the rooting of rice. Another important content is to dig drainage ditches, the purpose is to prevent excessive moisture, so that the root system has a dry and comfortable growth environment.

4, Seed treatment

In order to obtain high-quality rice seedlings, the seeds can be treated, such as seed coating agents. To get better seedlings, good seedlings will eventually grow stronger rice with higher yields in the future. Therefore, we can use seedling aids to grow as many seedlings as possible so that they grow faster and produce higher yields after planting.

Rice Planting in April:

Do the above preparatory work, the seedling rate is improved. After transplanting, the survival rate was improved, and the rice seedlings had high tolerance. The yield of rice will definitely increase.

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