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small grain milling machine

Multi-functional √

Energy saving √

Mill various grain into fine flour √

Only require one person to operate √


small grain milling machine

Small Grain Milling Machine 6FW-30

Small Grain Milling Machine 6FW-30 space super saving, occupying no more than 1 square meters. High level of automation, only require one person to operate. Energy saving, only 5.5kw-4p 4. Professional flour milling machine with unique design. Multi-functional to mill corn, wheat, rice, cereals, beans, even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles. Please know more at below:

Small Grain Milling Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat,sorghum and so on
Production capacityAbout 200~400KG/H
Motor power5.5KW
Net weightAbout 460kg
Flour mesh40~120

Finished product of Rice Flour Grinding Machine

small grain milling machine

(1) Multi-functional
It produces flour for corn, wheat, beans and other grains, and can even be used for construction or chemical grains. Produce fine flour with more than 100 mesh. With cleaning machine and peeling machine, the flour will be better.

(2) Reliable working performance
The finished product can be directly entered into the market after packaging. It is an indispensable processing equipment for on-site sales in large supermarkets, grain and oil wholesale markets, grain and oil processing plants, grain and oil retail stores, institutions, schools and other on-site sales.

Small Grain Milling Machine Main structures and operation principles

small grain milling machine

Main structures

  • This machine is composed of one powder process machine of type 30, blower, air-lock, flour output cabinet, circular separator, white iron transfer piping, steel frame, etc.
  • It can be filled with materials, the flour will be captured and left on the ground through automatic material circulation.
small grain milling machine

Operation Principles

  • Pour the cleaned materials into a large hopper.
  • Then, under the strong push of the propeller, it will enter the special grinding head.
  • Transfer to the circular separator through the air lock.
  • The flour flows out and is packaged from the flour outlet, while the broken aggregate is transferred to a large storage box for a second grinding.
  • Under the influence of the blower, the material will continue to repeat this process until it is ground into flour.

Working Video For Small Grain Milling Machine

  • Fully automatic, only require one person to operate.
  • Multifunction mill various grain into fine flour.

Machines For Other Processing

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Beans Peeling Machine

Process to peel off beans skins, peel one time beans skin for better quality flour. Peeled whole side. Can peeling multiple grains.

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Grain Cleaning Machine

Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

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