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Seed Cleaner

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Seed Cleaner 6FW-G13

Shiningall Seed Cleaner  (6FW-G13) is a combined cleaning machine which remove larger or smaller, heavier or lighter impurities than seeds. Such as stone, leaves, cobs, pods, dust, steel pieces and so on. 

It can be used in small factory or used in large processing plant too. And it can clean all the grain or bean seeds, such as corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, soybean, peas, mung bean, lentil and so on.

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Cleaner Main Parameters

2Power4Kw-4P, Three Phase
3MotorCopper rotor
4Machine MaterialSteel
5SurfacePainted or Powder coated
6Overall Size1200*600*2400mm
8Warranty1 Year

Front View

side view for cleaning machine

Back View

cleaner back view

Detailed Pictures

cleaning machine drawing



Seed Cleaner Advantages

1 Combined Functions: 

  • Separate larger and smaller parts
  • Remove lighter leaves or soil
  • Remove heavier stone and steel pieces
combined cleaning machine

2 Efficient Cleaning:

One-time Cleaning

Automatic Running

one time cleaning all impurities

3 High Quality:

Advanced design, strong steel materials, qualified parts, strict test before delivering

4 Multiple Clean:

Corn/Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Peas, Lentil, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Mung bean and so on

Video For Cleaning Corn

In this video, you can see the usage of our machine in a processing plant. Put the corn seeds into the silo, then bucket elevator deliver them into the cleaning machine, after cleaning, the seeds are delivered to next process. And you can see the seeds coming out are very clean.

Producing Process

material preparation

Material Preparation

order confirmation

Order Confirmation


welding process




machine testing


packing process




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Cleaner Order Reference

somalia p12ab order

Machines packed and sent to Somalia, 6FW-P12AB which including Corn Cleaning Machine 6FW-G13

South Africa customer bought a rice flour processing line 6FW-P12A, including this cleaning machine as below:

south afric p12a
nigeria order reference

New order in 2020. Nigeria distributor bought 6FW-G13, 6FW-40 and 6FW-S18.  5 more units in the near future.

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This Seed Cleaner 6FW-G13 is one of our star products. It is widely used in small farms, home mill or large factories. We already exported more than 50 units abroad.

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