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rice and corn mill

Reliable working performance √

Final output product in 22 different sizes √

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 Dry peeling technology √

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rice and corn mill

Rice And Corn Mill 6FW-H

Rice And Corn Mill 6FW-Hworking performance, and final output quality have reached industrial top level. Final output grits are in very even and consistent sizes like millet grain, in yellow color and well polished with fresh corn smell. This machine can process various food grains. All work process is finished one time. It is master machine model among our single machine series, and has been granted with patent invention number  Please know more at below:

Rice And Corn Mill Main Details

Main structure: Composed of peeling system, crushing system, and grading system.

Main Features

  • This machine uses our patented peeling and milling technology and it can produce final maize output in 22 sizes.
  • Sizes range from half maize seed to maize flour depending on customer’s different request.
  • Multi-functional: cleaning, peeling, removing corn germ, root and black hilum, smashing, classifying, polishing, and intensive selecting via mesh system.

Rice And Corn Mill Main Parameters

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout 350~400KG/H
Motor power11KW-4P
Net weightAbout 300kg
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Final Products of Rice And Corn Mill

rice and corn mill

Excellent Efficiency

  • Peeling performance rate up to 98%, remove skin very well, and remove 100% black hilum.
  • After peeling, corn or rice looks polished and bright.
  • Corn/Rice grit is in consistent even size and beautiful color, no black hilum.


  • Can process corn, rice, wheat, sorghum, beans, and other grain.
  • Final output product in 22 different sizes from half maize seed to maize flour.
rice and corn mill

Working Video For Corn Mill

  • This video is about processing corn.
  • — Dry peeling technology.
    — You just need to peel one time before milling.

Machines For Other Processing

corn peeler machine

Corn Peeling Machine

Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

seed cleaning machine

Corn Cleaning Machine

Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

commercial flour mill machine

Flour Mill Machine

Process to mill the peeled corn into very fine flours for human consumption or crush whole corn into corn meal for food or animal feed.

Corn or Rice Snack Business

corn puff machine

Model: A008
Use rice grits or corn grits as raw materials to make delicious and healthy snacks.

  • Puffed rice or corn grains are occasionally found as street food in China, Korea, and Japan.
  • Certain Indian recipes with puffed ereals are puffed rice upma,puffed wheat porridge.
  • Can produce hollow stick-shaped, peanut-shaped puffed snacks, suitable for all ages.
  • Puffed snack foods are delicious, delicious, and delicate, and are popular in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.

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Rice And Corn Mill 6FW-H the excellent  processing performance, output corn grits or rice grits or flour can access to supermarkets directly.
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