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multi grain mill

❤ High efficiency
❤ Grind many grains
❤ 5% higher the yield
❤ Low energy consumption
❤ 5 years longer service life
❤ Good quality of finished products


multi grain mill

Multi grain mill can grind many grains and beans, and the finished product is very beautiful. Its yield rate is 5% higher than similar equipment, and its service life is 5 years longer. It runs stably to ensure the normal operation of the customer’s use process. Shining company has a complete series in the corn and grain processing equipment industry. Our equipment has been sold to more than 55 countries around the world.

Milling machine of main features

multi grain mill
multi grain mill
multi grain mill

It consists of a 50-type grinding head and a powerful impact crusher.
You can use it to grind many grains and legumes, and the finished products are very beautiful.
It can process multi-grain flour with different meshes and specifications.
The machine saves space and covers an area of no more than 3 square meters.

Multi grain mill parameters

Model6FW-50BNet weightAbout 900kg
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung and so onDimension2600*1400*3400mm
Production capacityAbout 12 ton per dayFlour mesh40~160
Motor power18.5kw-4p.Warranty1 year

Video of grain machine

  • The equipment is of high quality and can guarantee stable operation during use.
  • It can produce about 12 tons per day.
  • The loss of corn or grain during processing is very low.

Finished product of grain flour mill

Before processing by multi grain mill
multi grain mill
Finished products by multi grain mill
  1. You can grind corn, wheat, rice, grains, beans, and even use industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical pellets.
  2. Multi grain mill can produce high-quality corn flour with more than 100 mesh.
  3. The finished product is very beautiful, and you can sell it directly to the market after packaging.

Shining company

Shining company
Shining equipments
  1. Our company was founded in 1982, registered in 2001, engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
  2. Our company is at the leading level in this industry.
  3. We have a complete set of equipment for grain cleaning, peeling, granulating, grinding, polishing, grading and packaging.
  4. If you want to know more, please check more!

Selling worldwide of multi grain mill

selling worldwide of multi grain mill
  1. Our machines are exported to more than 55 countries around the world.
  2. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many distributors.
  3. For example: India, South Africa, Italy, Nigeria, Ukraine.
  4. After many customers visit our factory, they trust our company’s strength and service even more.

Contact us for grain mill

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  • Multi grain mill can process beans such as corn, mung beans, grains, etc. The finished products are very beautiful. It is important that one person performs the operation to reduce labor costs.
  • If we can do anything for you, please contact us! We will reply to you quickly.
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