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Flour Grinder

2500kg  per hour capacity
37kw motor
All purpose flour grinder
Competitive price 
With soft starter for protection


9FC-700 flour grinder is the largest model we produced for almost all-purpose powder grinding. It weighs more than 800kg, is equipped with a 37kw three-phase motor, and is protected by a soft starter. The output can reach 2500kg per hour. It is a high-tech product with good quality, large production capacity, long working life and competitive price.

largest flour grinder

Flour Grinder working video

  • 37kw Powerful motor
  • 2500kg per hour capacity
  • Atta Chakki milling
  • Soft Starter
chakki atta

Grinder Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung, Spices and so on
Production capacity2500KG/H
Motor power30/37KW
Net weightAbout 800KG
Flour mesh20-100
Warranty1 year

9FC-700 uses a 1.2mm screen and can produce 2500kg of corn flour per hour. With a 0.8mm screen, it can process about 900kg of whole wheat flour per hour. The smaller the pore size of the screen, the lower the production capacity; the larger the pore size, the higher the production capacity.

Finished Product

atta flour
  1. Whole wheat flour or called atta chakki in some countries.
  2. Maize flour or corn meal to make Fufu, posho, etc.
  3. Various chemical raw materials, Large salt pieces or Chinese herbal medicine can be grinded by our machine too
  4. Replace the appropriate toothed disc to grind wet or oily materials

China Aids to Ghana

In 2017, we are honored to join China aids project to Ghana with Posho Mill Machine. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong and Ghana’s Special Development Initiative Minister Marvis Hawa Kumsen signed the handover certificate. On July 21st our corn/maize mill machine are officially handed over from China’s representative to Ghana. 

We have agents operating within the African market to ensure that you have access to the best local service and support. Our teams offer excellent after-sales service, which ensures that the machines continue to deliver optimal performance over an extended period.

domestic flour mill price

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Flour Grinder 9FC-700 is our star model. It is a representative work that reflects our more than 30 years of advanced manufacturing technology, production process design, and balance between production capacity and energy consumption. All customers love it. 

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