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corn mill powder

√Excellent peeling efficiency

√ Just need to peel one time before milling


√Surface treatment adopts powder coating

√Long service life and durability


Corn Mill Powder 6FW-PH

Corn Mill Powder 6FW-PH surface treatment adopts powder coating, the color is brighter, wear-resistant and durable. The machine is nice in appearance, compact structure, easy to operate, energy saving, high efficient, strong and reliable, etc. It solves many historical technical problems such as machine stuffing, slow bran discharging. It has newly added an automatic export adjustment system, which can help the machine run in the best condition. Please know more at below:

corn mill powder

Corn Mill Powder Main Details

-Main structure
This machine is composed of peeling system, grit milling system, final product grading system, wind web dust control system, and machine frame, etc. Especially this machine is made with electrical currency displayer.

corn mill powder
corn mill powder
corn mill powder

Main features

  • (1) Add flow meter, electrical currency meter, etc high tech product which keeps
    machine in best working status.
  • (2) Easy to operate, no special technical qualification requirement for operators.
  • (3) Add with outlet auto adjusting system.
  • (4) Simple structure, nice in appearance.

Corn Mill Powder Main Parameters

Model6FW-PHNet weightAbout 300kg
Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat, sorghum and so on.Dimension2200 * 600 * 1300mm
Production capacity350-400kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power11kwQualityHigh Equipment

Working Video For Corn Mill Powder

  • This video shows the finished product after using this equipment to process corn.
  • Crushing corn after peeling, polishing and sieve classifying into different sizes of grits, meal, flour.

Final Products of Corn Mill Powder

corn mill powder
corn mill powder

22 different sizes

  • You can adjust the Fineness wheel on the right of the machine to get 22 different sizes of corn grits from half corn seeds to corn flour

Multi-functional and beautiful finished product

  • This machine can also be used for other purposes, for example, process rice paddy, wheat and sorghum, etc. Save labor and time, corn grits it produces are bright and clean in color, no black hilum, high efficient, and most advanced corn and grain processing equipments.

Just need to peel one time before milling

  • 6FW-PH is improved basd on previous series machines. It adopts dry peeling technology, and you just need to peel one time before milling. The effect of final calssifying system is excellent. The final outputs after packing can access to supermarket directly.

Machines For Corn Processing

corn peeler machine

Maize Peeling Machine

Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

seed cleaning machine

Maize Cleaning Machine

Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

corn flour mill machine

Corn Flour Machine

Process to mill the peeled corn into very fine flours for human consumption or crush whole corn into corn meal for food or animal feed.

Corn Snack Business

extruder machine

Model: A001
Raw material: Rice or corn grit.

  • Can produce hollow stick-shaped, peanut-shaped puffed snacks, suitable for all ages eat.
  • Manufactured products are very attractive to modern people who pursue the characteristics of healthy snacks.
  • Puffed snack foods are delicious, delicious, and delicate, and are popular in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.

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Corn Mill Powder 6FW-PH Composed of powder coat new appearance, cleaning, peeling system, crushing system, and mesh system. Excellent corn processing performance, output corn grits can be used to make snacks food Extrusion.
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