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corn grinding machine price

5 years longer service life
5% higher the yield
Small space
High efficiency
Leading R&D level
Technical design patent


corn grinding machine price

We have been engaged in corn and grain processing for more than 30 years. Corn grinding machine price is competitive, the yield rate is 5% higher than that of similar equipment, the service life is 5 years longer. Double peeling of wet or dry method, excellent corn processing performance. This is our classic corn peeling and polishing equipment. Now, our company holds promotional activities.

Corn grinding machine main features

Corn grinding machine price
Corn grinding machine price
Corn grinding machine price
  • Composed of peeled part, crushed part, grid system, etc.
  • Sales are very good now, and we have a lot of positive customer feedback on this model. Facts have proved that it has excellent working performance.
  • Equipped with a non-grading crushing system, which means that corn seeds can be crushed into any size.
  • One time finish cleaning, peeling, germ removal, root and hilum removal, crushing, grit milling, grading, polishing and intensive selecting.

Corn grinding machine video

  • Now our equipment has been updated and upgraded, the operation is very simple, one person can complete it, and labor costs can be reduced.
  • Low energy consumption, but high production efficiency.

Corn grinding machine of parameters

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, etc..
Production capacityAbout 300~350KG/H
Motor power11KW-4P
Net weightAbout 360KG
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%
Warranty1 Year

Finished product for corn machine

Corn grinding machine
Finished product of Corn grinding machine
  • Production of 22 sizes of final products, from half-crushed corn to corn meal to corn flour, any size can be adjusted.
  • From half-crushed corn flour to corn flour to corn flour, the best finished products on the market can be produced.

Corn grinding promotion

Shining company
grinding machine price promotions
  • Shining company has  been engaged in corn and grain processing for more than 30 years.
  • We have full series of corn machine from one function model to multifunctional models. We have small capacity models and also can build large processing line up to 500TPD capacity.
  • Our company is holding promotional activities, if you want to know more about the promotional information, please read more!

Corn machine price to contact us

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  • Corn grinding machine price is reasonable, it has the characteristics of simple operation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and high quality of finished products.
  • If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.
  • Please check these channels for more informations about Shining Equipment.

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