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chana dal mill

√ Multi-functional

√Advanced technological process

√ Compact structure

√ Easy operation

√ Energy saving


chana dal mill

Chana Dal Mill 6FW-S18

Chana Dal Mill 6FW-S18 is multifunctional. Adopted the most advanced technology. This machine has the characteristics of low material crushing rate and high finished product rate. The processed Chana, Black Gram, Chickpea, Soybean are the first-class finished products, which can bring you very good economic benefits. Please know more at below:

Chana Dal Mill Main Details

Main structure:  It consists of feeding mechanism, peeling room, frame and external air network system.

chana dal mill

This is automatic loading. If you choose automatic feeding, it can help you save time and reduce labor costs.

Working Principle

  • After the material from the storage hopper enters the screw conveyor, it is transported to the peeling room.
  • The skin of the material is crushed under the action of the grinding wheel to achieve the purpose of peeling.
  • Under the negative pressure of the high-pressure fan, the material is constantly turned over to strengthen the peeling function of the peeling machine.
  • At the same time, the material temperature is greatly reduced, and the ability to remove impurities is improved.

Chana Dal Mill Main Parameters

Model6FW-S18Net weight580kg
Raw materialCorn, black eyed peas, chickpeas, barley, sorghum,etc.Dimension1330x1180x1540mm
Production capacity400-500kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power11kwQualityHigh Equipment

Final Products of Chana Dal Mill

chana dal mill

Excellent peeling efficiency

  • Peel one time, no need to repeat. Peel beans with low beans breakage rate. Beans skin peeled is in whole shape, obviously show low breakage rate 
chana dal mill


Can process Soybeansn, black gram, barley, sorghum, corn, mung bean,  peas,  barley, wheat, lentil, black eye bean, kidney bean,  and other grains.


Working Video For Chana Dal Mill

  • This video is a Nigerian customer  feedback about the 6FW-S18 machine.
  • This machine uses a screen made of special materials, which is resistant to wear and greatly improves the service life of the screen.
  • He bought it at the beginning of 2018, until now the machine is still like new.


Roasted chickpeas. They still have all the protein and heartiness of regular chickpeas, but they’ve become an irresistible salty, crunchy ingredient. Even better, they’re a great healthy vegan snack on their own!

Dry roasted chana

Dry roasted chana or whole black grams (chickpeas) are typically eaten as a snack in India

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Chana Dal Mill 6FW-S18 is one of our star products. This machine has low energy consumption, convenient operation, easy installation and replacement, and reliable performance.

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