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toor dal mill

High efficiency

Easy to operate

Peeling rate 98%

Lightweight and small space

Low energy consumption


Toor dal mill is suitable for small and medium-sized grain and rice processing plants to peeling raw grains such as beans, wheat, millet, corn, and sorghum. It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption and stable operation. Most importantly, our equipment has been continuously upgraded according to customer needs. At present, our equipment has been sold to more than 55 countries, and related equipment covers the entire grain processing industry.

toor dal mill

Peeling video for dal mill

  • Good quality, stable operation and low maintenance cost.
  • The operation is simple, reducing labor costs.
  • Small size, no need for additional production workshops, reducing production costs.

Details for dal machine

dal machine price

1.Multi-functional to peel wheat, rice paddy, barley, lentil beans, black eye beans, sorghum and others.
2.Great performance to peel the skin very well, peeling performance for most grains is up to over 98%.
3.Reliable working performance, almost no wear parts.
4.Outer hull closed for easy cleaning.

Raw materialchick peas, soy beans, green peas, tiger nuts, black-eyed peas, etc.
Production capacityAbout 200~400KG/H
Motor power7.5kw-4p
Net weightAbout 310kg
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Dal mill of final products

toor dal mill finished product
toor dal mill finished product further processing
  • You can use it to peel many grains, such as lentils, wheat, rice, barley, black eyed peas, sorghum, etc.
  • The finished product is the best raw material for processing soybean products.
  • Final product can also make local delicacies.

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  • Our company was founded in 1982, registered in 2001, engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
  • We have developed more than 50 products covering the entire corn and grain industry.
  • Our equipment allows you to obtain the highest quality finished products. Please click on the 4 pictures above for more information.

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  • Toor dal mill has the characteristics of 98% peeling rate, low energy consumption, simple operation and long service life. The finished product can be used to make local food. It is also the best material for further processing.
  • If you are interested, welcome to send us an inquiry any time and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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