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small flour mill price

Small space √
High efficiency √
One person operation √
Home or small business √
Low electricity consumption √
Grains and beans grinding √


small flour mill price

Small flour mill price is competitive, it can grind many kind of grains and beans, and can produce high-quality flour of 40-120 mesh according to the needs of customers. Simple operation, low energy consumption and high production efficiency. There is no need for a production workshop, which can better reduce production costs. Now, our company is in the promotion activities, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the best price.

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  • The operation is simple, which can reduce labor costs.
  • Good quality, long service life, low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

Details for small flour mill

1. It can grind miscellaneous grains such as wheat, rice, corn and beans.
2. Unique design, can produce fine powder above 100 mesh.
3. Reliable performance, almost no wearing parts.
4. The shell is fully enclosed, easy to clean, automatic, and very convenient to operate.

small flour mill price
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 300~500KG/H
Motor power13.6kw-4p
Flour mesh40~120

Finished products of small flour mill

Small flour mill finished product
small flour mill finished product
  • You can use it to grind corn, rice, mung beans, sorghum, lentils, etc.
  • It can produce 40-120 mesh fine powder according to customer needs.


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  1. Small flour mill price is very competitive. It is especially suitable for families or small businesses. For beans and grain grinding, you can pack the flour and sell it directly to the market.
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