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Posho Mill Prices

Competitive Prices due to
Large Capacity with small body
Lower power consumption
All grain milling: maize, millet, rice, etc 
Ideal posho mill choice


Our posho mill prices is very competitive. We suggest you the 9FC-37, a kind of Disc Mill, which is a popular grinding machine in the African market. It is designed for processing corn and a variety of grains and beans to produce fine powder. It has a compact size and a robust structure, making it ideal for agricultural and small-scale milling applications.

posho mill prices

Posho mill working video

  • Powerful machine
  • Lower energy needed
  • Posho milling machine
  • Competitive and stable
compact flour milling

Posho Mill Parameters & Details

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung, Spices and so on
Production capacity450KG/H
Motor power7.5/11KW
Net weightAbout 226KG
Flour mesh20-100
Warranty1 year

Its efficiently grinds grain at high speeds, providing an excellent output rate. It has a simple maintenance structure, easy to clean, maintain and repair. The versatility and efficiency of this mill makes it perfect for grinding corn, wheat, rice, sorghum and other grains, including beans, to produce flour for a variety of foods.

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Finished Product

  1. Main finished product is maize/corn flour to make Posho,  or called Fufu, Nsima, Ugali, Sadza, Gima, Pap and so on.
  2. This mill machine is also used to grind other grains or beans, such as soybeans, sorghum, rice, wheat, barley, oats, mung bean, chickpea etc.
  3. Various chemical raw materials, Large salt pieces or Chinese herbal medicine can be grinded by our machine too

China Aids to Ghana

In 2017, we are honored to join China aids project to Ghana with Posho Mill Machine. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong and Ghana’s Special Development Initiative Minister Marvis Hawa Kumsen signed the handover certificate. On July 21st our corn/maize mill machine are officially handed over from China’s representative to Ghana. 

We have agents operating within the African market to ensure that you have access to the best local service and support. Our teams offer excellent after-sales service, which ensures that the machines continue to deliver optimal performance over an extended period.

domestic flour mill price

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Our Posho mill prices are the best in market. The 9FC-37 Disc Mill is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective choice for any small-scale milling requirements you may have. Its compact size, high output capacity, and ease of maintenance have contributed to it being a popular and preferred choice in the African market. Contact us now to get your own business started!

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