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grain processing equipment

Grain Processing Machinery

Grain Processing Machinery 6FW-50TS is a modern fully automatic production line produced by Shining Tech, including a full set of processes, such as cleaning, peeling, germ extraction, grading, polishing, grits making, flour milling, sifting and auto-packing.  

This is a set of optimal options for producing high quality corn products, such as corn bran flour, pure corn germ, high quality corn grits (semolina) and corn flour (cornmeal).

Grain Processing Machine Parameters

Model6FW-50TSTatal weightAbout 20000 KG
Raw materialCornDimension20000x7000x4500mm
Production capacity50ton/dayWarranty1 year
Motor power153.9kwQualityTot Level from China

Finished Corn Product

fine corn flour produced by come milling companies

(1) Fine Corn Flour
The nutritious corn flour can be used to make steamed bread, infant milk powder additives, bread and so on. It is a healthy food that replaces wheat flour.

(2) Different Size of Corn Grits
Corn grits can be used to make very delicious soups. It can also be used to make fragrant corn puffed snacks, suitable for all ages. In addition, people also use it to make high-end animal feed.

(3) Corn Germ
Our plant peels corn/maize, separates corn germ, which can extract corn oil. We ensure that no part of the corn is wasted during processing.

(4) Corn Bran Flour
Even the removed corn bran flour is valuable animal feed and very popular in the market.

Grain Processing Equipment Details

Our corn production line is designed with a 2-layer steel frame structure, with a small footprint, reasonable production process, and full use of gravity to save energy consumption.

Every machine component used is of high quality, durable, long service life and low average cost. Easy to maintain, easy to replace accessories, convenient and durable.

grain processing machines

Regarding installation, we will shoot technicians to guide the installation and teach customers to use and maintain. We can also do turnkey projects.

Video For Grain Processing

The video is of our 100 ton per day production line. The working principle is exactly the same.
From the entry of raw grains, the various processing links in the middle, to the final screening and packaging of finished products. All visible.
The quality of the final product can also be seen. Quality is guaranteed!

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Grain Processing Machinery is our main business. We not only produce the machines and equipment, but also do the grain processing business too. So, we know the process well and we know the machines well. We also know the customers need well.

If you need any of those grain process machine, please contact us freely by email or whatsapp. 

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