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flour mill flour mill

Low-temperature processing technology √

Compact structure √

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flour mill flour mill

Flour Mill 6FW-100A

Stone flour mill 6FW-100A is our technical staff, according to modern technology and ancient tradition of combining the process, carefully developed out. It has a compact structure, easy to operate, low power consumption, high output, advanced process, the appearance of the advantages of beauty, the machine is currently the most advanced stone flour. The use of this process technology will not destroy the nutrients in the flour, so the finished products are very popular in the market and bring higher benefits. Please know more at below:

Flour Mill Machine Main Details

6FW-100A Fully auto stone flour mill machine for wheat and cereal grains
Main structure: The machine is composed of a main machine grinding system, a round system, a wind transportation system, a silo system and a frame, and a current display device is specially set up.

Main Features

  • When the stone mill grinds wheat, the speed is slow and the heat generated is low. Therefore, the nutrients in wheat cannot be destroyed.
  • Low power consumption. High degree of automation. Less space neede. No special requirements for the workshop.
  • Fully automatic grinding, equipped with modern automation technology, but also added ancient technology.

Flour Mill Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Final Products of Flour Mill Machine

Excellent Efficiency

  • This low-temperature processing technology protects the molecular structure of the raw materials, retains the original flavor of the flour, and has higher nutritional value. The final output of flour is very fine. Can fully meet your needs


  • It can grinding wheat, corn, mung beans and other grains. Suitable for grain processing plants, grain and oil shops, hotels, school (enterprise) canteens, etc.

Working Video For Flour Mill

  • Show equipment to Indian customers who come to our factory.
  • Shining factory welcomes you at any time and provides on-site or remote on-site testing services at any time.

Machines For Other Processing

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Our large-scale project production line

In 2017, we are honored to assist Ghana’s grain processing machinery on behalf of China.

Pack the machines after inspection

Officially handed over grain processing machines

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This Stone Flour mill flour mill 6FW-100A is currently the most advanced stone powder factory in China.
We can design as your demand (production capacity, and quality…), if you are interesting in our products, pls tell me your contact information in our e-mail.

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