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corn hammer mill

Automatic Feeding
High Quality or Stainless Steel Body
High Efficiency
Less Maintenance Needed
5 years Longer Service Life


Corn Hammer Mill

Corn hammer mill

Corn Hammer Mill is a compact size crushing machine for grain or beans. Such as Corn/Maize, Wheat, Rice, Sorghum, Mung Bean, Soybean, and so on. It is a very ideal machine for producing powder or fine flours for animal feed or human food. And  it is widely used in many industries due to its small size and competitive prices. Not much maitenance needed too. Welcome to contact us for this corn mill.

Hammer mill video

  • Small machine size, small space needed
  • High efficiency
  • Multiple material to process
  • Full series to choose
Raw materialmaize, soybeans, sorghum, etc,
Production capacity500~550KG/H
Motor power15KW
Net weightAbout 300KG
Flour mesh12~40

Details for hammer mill

  1. Compact structure, small size, easy to install, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. Suitable for industrial electric motors or diesel engines or agricultural tractors. You can use it anywhere.
  3. High Efficiency, different capacity with different material or mesh size. Capacity as below:
domestic flour mill price
domestic flour mill price

Corn Mill finished product

  1. It is widely used to crush many grains, such as corn, soybeans, sorghum, rice, wheat etc., and we can use it to make animal feed too, such as soybean meal, potato leaves, peanut leaves, chaff, etc.
  2. Various chemical raw materials, or Chinese herbal medicine can be crushed too

China aids to Ghana’s Corn Hammer Mill

In 2017, we are honored to join China aids porject to Ghana with Corn/Maize flour mill machine. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong and Ghana’s Special Development Initiative Minister Marvis Hawa Kumsen signed the handover certificate. On July 21st our corn crushing mill machine are officially handed over from China’s representative to Ghana.

domestic flour mill price

Contact us for Corn Mill

Contact Form for Corn and Grain Processing Equipment
  1. Corn Hammer Mill is a star product we produce for its small size but high efficiency capacity. As we use the high quality steel or stainless steel to make it, it can work 5 year more than other smililar ones.
  2. If you like it, please send us an inquiry and we will give you a preferential price as soon as possible.
  3. And please check those channels to know more about our machine and our company. 

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