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Bean Cleaning Machine

♥ Best Bean Cleaning Machine ♥

♥ One Time Removing All Impurities  ♥

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Bean Cleaning Machine

Bean Cleaning Machine 6FW-G24 is our large capacity equipment with an output of 1 ton per hour. Once cleaned up, the finished product can be sold directly to the market or for safe subsequent processing. It is a good helper in the production and sales of grains and beans.
All parts of the equipment we produce are made of high-quality steel, with guaranteed quality and long service life. So it is very cost-effective, versatile and durable.
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Bean cleaning machine

Cleaning Machine Parameters

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacity1000kg/h
Motor power5.5KW
Net weightAbout 380KG
Cleaning rateAbout 98%

Front View

front of bean cleaning machine

Back View

back of bean cleaning machine

Detailed Pictures

cleaning machine drawing



Advantages of Bean Cleaning

1 Combined Functions: 

  • Separate larger and smaller parts
  • Remove lighter leaves or soil
  • Remove heavier stone and steel pieces
combined cleaning machine

2 Efficient Cleaning:

One-time Cleaning

Automatic Running

one time cleaning all impurities

3 High Quality:

Advanced design, strong steel materials, qualified parts, strict test before delivering

4 Multiple Clean:

Corn/Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Peas, Lentil, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Mung bean and so on

Video For Cleaning Machine

The process of cleaning up:
1 Specific gravity stone removal: through vibration, the impurities such as heavy stones are separated from the original grain
2 Grading sieve: Allow the raw grain to flow through the inclined sieve, and the impurities exceeding or below the size of the original grain are separated
3 Wind separation system: through the flow of wind, the impurities such as blade dust lighter than the original grain are separated

Producing Process

material preparation

Material Preparation

order confirmation

Order Confirmation


welding process




machine testing


packing process




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Cleaner Order Reference

somalia p12ab order

Machines packed and sent to Somalia, 6FW-P12AB which including Corn Cleaning Machine 6FW-G13

South Africa customer bought a rice flour processing line 6FW-P12A, including this cleaning machine as below:

south afric p12a
nigeria order reference

New order in 2020. Nigeria distributor bought 6FW-G13, 6FW-40 and 6FW-S18.  5 more units in the near future.

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Bean Cleaning Machine is the representative of our 30+ years of meticulous research and development of advanced technology. Reasonable design guarantees efficiency, high-quality components guarantee product quality, and long service life guarantees cost-effectiveness.
We also have a full range of grain and beans processing equipment, peeling, grading, polishing, milling, packaging and more. One-stop shopping to ensure quality and cost-effective.
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