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Corn Grits Making Machine

22 Sizes Grits Making Machine

Peeling, Grinding & Sifting

Dry Way Peeling Technology

Pure and Fine Grits, Flour

Bran for Animal Feed, No Waste


The Corn Grits Making Machine 6FW-PD1 is the product that best reflects our R&D and production capabilities. In order to get the best solution, we tried the combination of various accessories to improve the power consumption ratio and production capacity. After losing more than one million RMB of test accessories, we got the current final product. The dehulling, grinding and sieving system, seemingly simple, but well matched, one machine can produce more than 20 different sizes of corn grits. In line with the ergonomic design, it is convenient and comfortable to use. Low power consumption, large production capacity, and the highest cost performance.

Production Process:
1, puting dry corns (moisture less than 12%) into the peeling part. You get the corn bran for animal feed and peeled corns
2, put the peeled corn into grinding part. the machine will grind them into small parts
3, after sifting by flour and grits sieves, you get corn flour and different sizes corn grits

  Main structure:  composed of peeling system, grits making system, finished product grading system, wind net dust removal system and frame, and a special current display device.
  Unique patented machine and unique peeling and milling technology

Parameters of grits making machine

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout 300~350KG/H
Motor power11kw-4p
Net weightAbout 360kg
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished products

– 22 different size grits (different sieves), from half corn seed to very small corn grits
– The finished grits with no skin, no germ , no black hilum, which can be sold directly in supermarket
– Fine corn flour for human food and bran flour for animal feed

Usage of corn grits

corn grits
  • Corn flour or mixed can be used to make staple food such as Ugali, Sima, Fufu, Gima, Ngima, Posho.
  • In many countries, corn grits also make a delicious soup.
  • In addition, corn grits can be reprocessed into puffed foods, which are sweet and crunchy and very popular.
extruder machineA001
Extruder machine A001

We aslo have this extruder to make puffed snacks with corn grits, please click to learn more

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Corn Grits Making Machine 6FW-PD1 is a good partner to process corn into corn grits and cornmeal. The corn, or called maize is the most important food for human in the world. Almost in every country, people grow them. So, this is a popular business too.

Do you want to start your own corn business? Welcome to contact us. We are the best choice with 30 years experience and the most competitive machine. Contact us now!

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