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electric grain mill

No loss of nutrition
Beautiful finished product
5% higher the yield
5 years longer service life
Leading R&D Technology
Comply with ISO and CE quality system


electric grain mill

The biggest advantage of the grain mill is that it can prevent the loss of nutrients in the grain. It can be used to grind many grains and legumes. Electric grain mill is of good quality, long service life, simple operation, and reduced labor costs. We have been engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for 30 years. We are honored to participate in the state aid project in Ghana. In addition, the equipment is very popular at Canton Fair.

Electric mill machine main features

electric grain mill
electric grain mill
electric grain mill

The stone corn mill has complete functions and complete configuration, including the main body of the grinder, the circular milling system, the powder changing device, the bran release switch, the receiving cabinet, and the bag dust removal system.
It can meet the needs of the high-end market. First peel the unprocessed grains and then grind them into whole wheat flour.
The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation.

Grain mill parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Video of mill machine

The operation is simple, the labor cost can be reduced, the finished product has high nutritional value, and the natural taste of the raw grain is maintained.

Finished product for grain mill machine

Finished products of small grain mill

electric grain mill
finishedproducts for electric grain mill
  • Compared with other types of mills, it can prevent the loss of nutrients in the original grains.
  • This machine can grind many grains: wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, sorghum, rice, etc.
  • Electric grain mill retains the original flavor of flour, high nutritional value, soft taste, strong wheat aroma and natural flavor.

Aid Ghana’s and At the Canton Fair

Aid Ghana Project

In 2017, we are honored to represent China aids Ghana’s grain processing machinery. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong and Ghana’s Special Development Initiative Minister Marvis Hawa Kumsen signed the handover certificate. On July 21st officially handed over China’s assistance to Ghana’s grain processing machinery.

With the support of the government, our company will participate in every Canton Fair. At the Canton Fair, we received business cards from more than 300 customers. After seeing the grain processing process of our equipment, the operation is simple and the finished product is beautiful. Many customers will place orders immediately.

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  • Electric grain mill is fully automatic, has a long service life, simple operation, and the final product has the highest nutritional value.
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