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Corn Grinder

Advanced Corn Grinder

One Machine to Produce Grits & Flour

11 KW Powerful Electric Motor

Small Body Small Space

Easy Operation


Corn Grinder

6FW-PH corn grinder

The Corn Grinder 6FW-PH is the most advanced technology of all our single machines, producing the highest quality finished product. It consists of three functional parts, peeling part, grinding part and screening part. In this way, a single machine can produce all corn processed products on the market, such as large size peeled and broken corn, corn grits and cornmeal, etc. This product is very popular in Asia and Africa, and even exported to America, Brazil, Peru and other American countries. The best quality, the best price, welcome to consult us to buy. Free accessories are also included!

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  1. Easy Operation, one worker can do all the jobs.
  2.  Peeling, grinding and sifting in one machine.
  3.  Producing peeled corn, grits, flour for human food and bran for animal feed.

Details for Corn Grinder

  1. Our equipment adopts dry processing technology, the processing process is simple, and the production capacity is large.
  2. Complete functions, many kinds of products and good quality.
  3. The yield is 5% higher than other equipment, so the product price is more competitive in the market.
corn grinder
Model6FW-PHNet weightAbout 300kg
Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat, sorghum and so on.Dimension2200 * 600 * 1300mm
Production capacity350-400kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power11kwQualityHigh Equipment

Finished products of Grinder

Iron corn mill finished product
  • Can process corn grits of various sizes, pure and free of impurities
  • Multiple finished products, multiple uses:cornmeal, grits, pieces, and bran
  • For example, in addition to being eaten directly, corn grits can also be processed into various corn puffed foods by an extruder, which is very popular in market

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Corn Grinder is one of our three core products. We have more than 30 years of industry experience and more than 50 product patents. It has been exported to more than 50 countries and has many cooperative agents, which can provide a full range of after-sales services. Want to have a comprehensive cost-effective grits machine? Contact us now

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